Land Reserve

Within the estate, there are 25.56 hectares of land that are considered inimical to development. This is because these areas are best kept in their existing form to protect the land from any erosion or degradation. Further, they can also pose environmental hazards, such as landslides, if disturbed. These areas are the hillocks with dense vegetation, which cannot be disturbed. Included in the 25.56 hectares are 2.06 hectares for the Jamaica Public Service power line reservation.

Commercial Area And Estate Services

The main entrance of the property, comprising of approximately 1.09 hectares, is to be used for commercial development and estate services. The proposed businesses will provide a permanent potential economic base and source of employment for the community. The estate services will provide the maintenance and utility framework for the property, such as security and garbage collection.  An office for the management of the Estate is located in this area.